Minor Ailments Service

Lanarkshire Minor Ailment Service is providing by your local Pharmacy.  If you are eligible for minor ailment service and are suffering from any of the following conditions you can access advice and treatment if required from your local pharmacist.

    1. Gastro-intestinal problems (includes reflux, dyspepsia, acute diarrhoea, constipation)

    2. Respiratory problems (coughs / decongestants)

    3. Nausea and vertigo

    4. Infections (includes vaginal candidiasis, threadworms)

    5. Genito-urinary problems (includes cystitis, 

    6. Pain relief 

    7. Eye problems (includes conjunctivitis, hayfever, eye lubricants)

    8. Ear, Nose and throat problems (includes wax, nasal allergy, mouth ulcers, teething,

    9. Skin problems (includes nappy rash, dry skin, acute urticaria, sunburn, chickenpox, acne, warts, athlete's foot, ringworm, cold sore, head lice, boils

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