Breast Screening Programme

Breast Screening is a national programme offered to all women between the ages of 50 and 70 years old every three years.  Eligible women will have recently been invited to a screening appointment.  The screening van is is Tesco car park for the next six months.  

Breast Screening is estimated to save about 130 lives every year in Scotland but data shows that uptake of screening has recently slightly decreased.

We would like to encourage all our eligible patients to attend their screening appointment.

Mammograms only take a few minutes and the whole appointment usually takes less than half an hour. 

All mammograms are carried out by women.


The earlier breast cancer is found the easier it is to treat - you're five times more likely to survive when it's found early.

1 in 9 women in Scotland will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime

Breast Screening can detect tiny cancers before they can be seen or felt, when they're at an early stage.


Mammograms don't find all cancers which is why it's important for women to regularly check their breasts for any changes between screenings.

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